Thrifty Wardrobe Tips from a Personal Shopper

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could afford a personal shopper? The best personal shoppers know exactly what your look is — and what it should be — and how to get it for the best price.

But let’s be real: affording a personal shopper is beyond pretty much any normal teenager. They’re a luxury reserved for movie stars, pop singers, and other people of substantial means. Not too many teenagers can pay someone to do their shopping for them!

However, that doesn’t mean a teen can’t take advantage of advice! Here are some of the best money-saving tips from a personal shopper to make the most of your wardrobe.

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Thrifty Wardrobe Tips from a Personal Shopper

1) Have basic pieces in your wardrobe

Having “outfits” is awesome for special occasions, but by having some basics, you can actually end up saving money in the end. Black pants, suits, and blazers are great because you can accessorize them without breaking the bank.

2) Buy classic clothing a season ahead

At the end of every season, most stores have their close-out sales before they bring in new clothing options. This is the perfect time to buy seasonal-only clothing. Heavy sweaters in the early spring or shorts in the late fall will be featured at huge discounts, allowing you to save big.

3) Steer clear of trends

Being trendy doesn’t necessarily have to mean keeping up with every single one of the latest designer trends. By sticking with mostly classic pieces that won’t go out of style, you can ensure you won’t need a whole new wardrobe next year.

4) Invest in good quality jeans and shoes

Inexpensive tee-shirts are fine, but for shoes and jeans, quality is the way to keep them coming back every season. Invest in good stuff if you want to make your everyday clothing last.

5) Be patient in order to get the best deals

In our culture, it’s pretty easy to fall into the trap of buying something just because it’s on a slight discount or to impulse-purchase that pair of sunglasses that looks fabulous with your purse. (I might even be guilty of this type of behavior.) But if you really want to get the best deals, take some time to check in with your favorite stores in order to keep up with their latest sales and the newest stuff on the clearance rack.

6) Know what you need

When you go shopping, be sure you have an idea of what’s already sitting in your closet. Sure, a sweater for $10 is a great deal. But how great a deal is it if there are already six of the same color sitting in a drawer in your dresser? Instead, look for where the “gaps” are in your wardrobe and start there.

7) Buy matching, interchangeable items

That feeling when you find that perfect blouse to go with a pair of killer pants — nothing beats it. But here’s the thing: having one blouse with one pair of pants is a pretty big waste of money. Plus, it takes up a lot more space in your closet. Instead, buy items you can reuse to make multiple outfits. A few snazzy tops with one pair of black pants helps you keep your wardrobe looking fresh without busting your budget.