Saving Money With a Text or Email

From TeensGotCents

While I’m not a big shopper, I still love finding the best deals and savings, especially when I shop at my favorite stores or eat out at my favorite restaurants. But one thing I’m just not a fan of is clipping coupons. Instead of hacking away at the newspaper or shuffling through ad mailers in hopes of finding something that interests me, I prefer for my savings to do all the work and come directly to me!

Today, there are a couple ways that I save big bucks without doing more than filling out a five second form. If you’re willing to sign up, you too could get in on some of the best offers and be in the know when your favorite items go on sale.

Two Ways I Save Without Coupons

Text Messages

If you’re like me, you probably spend some time every day on your phone texting to your friends. If you have a smartphone, you may even be using it to look up information on stores and restaurants in your area. So why not put your cell to good use and have it do your savings for you? Many stores and restaurants have a place for you to provide your phone number to be alerted by text when there are sales. One of my favorite texts of the week is my Monday message from my local Chick-fil-A about their special! Just be careful to not get too crazy with your signups if you have limited texting.

Email Lists

I hate spam, but I do admit to signing up for mailing lists for stores like Maurices and Payless. At least I know that the message will have some bargain for me in it! Plus, the email is a great way to get more information. Unlike a text that is short and to the point, an email from stores and restaurants contains images, photos, and even notes about contests and giveaways! But if you hate getting a ton of emails every day or don’t want the urge to break your budget by buying on impulse, set up a separate email account for your savings. Check it weekly. It’ll make the routine so much less irritating!

Both text and email savings alerts are awesome, easy savings ideas. And you don’t have to drive all the way out to the store to see the clearance rack or ask your mom for the coupons. It’s little ways like this that can keep you from buying full price or from breaking the bank on things you would already need to spend on.

Do you sign up for email lists or text alerts? What are your favorite stores or restaurants to get deal updates from?


Be centsible,