Pet Sitting – A Great Business for Teens

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One way that teens can make good money is by starting your own business. Most people talk about babysitting, pet sitting, mowing lawns, etc. because those are services many families need and teens are able to fill those needs because of their flexible schedule. Don’t pass over these kinds of opportunities! I know adults who have full time pet sitting businesses and they are doing very well!

Last summer I got the opportunity to make some extra money dog sitting. I had only dog sat once before and it was a completely different experience. At that time all I had to do was drive five minutes to the owners’ house each morning and night, feed the little guy, play with him for a while and then go back home.

This time the dog came and lived with me for 4 days!

Togo is an Australian Labradoodle. And is basically the cutest dog ever.

Apparently Togo wasn't ready for his walk.

Apparently Togo wasn’t ready for his walk.

I was kind of nervous having him over. He was still a puppy at the time and hadn’t been away from his family at all. I was thinking he might whine and have accidents all over the house. But I am happy to say that Togo was the best puppy EVER. No whining, no accidents, and he loves to cuddle! Best job ever!

It might seem like dog sitting isn’t a big deal and anyone can do it. Most people can but you need to be prepared to do a good job.

Here is a list of things to consider before accepting a pet sitting job:

1 – Are you going to have enough time to spend with the animal? This can depend on the animal. A cat doesn’t need the same kind of attention that a puppy does, but you have to do more than just feed the animal. I made sure my calendar was clear so I could watch Togo because my mom made it very clear to me that she was NOT watching Togo…

2 – Ask the family if you can meet the animal before they leave so that it can get to know you a little bit. This will help them (and you) feel a little more comfortable.

3 – If it’s a dog make sure to take them on long walks. I would take Togo once in the morning and then a little later at night. It tired him out and I think that’s why he slept so well even though he wasn’t at home. And it was fun for us both!

4 – Always be sure the dog is secure and can’t get away. There would have been nothing worse than losing the dog I was supposed to be watching! I kept him on his leash at all times because he was still small enough to fit though the gate in our backyard.

5 – Ask the owner to leave a detailed list of instructions so that you know exactly what to do and so that you don’t forget anything. Also be sure that you know exactly when and how to give them any medications they need.

6 – Help with training. If the dog is not allowed on the furniture at home then you shouldn’t let them get on the furniture at your house either. If the owners are trying to train the dog to not jump on people, them don’t let him jump on you.  If the cat isn’t allowed on the counters then don’t let her jump up there.  In other words, don’t allow the pet to develop bad habits that are gonna get them in trouble with their owners!

7 – Don’t take the job if you don’t like dogs, or whatever animal you are responsible for. That isn’t fair to the owner or the pet. Take it seriously and do a good job!

I had such a fun time with this cute little guy! And making the extra money was a huge blessing as well. There are so many people who need help with their animals when they are at work or on a trip.  Take advantage of this need in your area of town and consider starting your own business!

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