Introducing Eva, From TeensGotCents!

My name is Eva. I’m nineteen years old, a college freshman, and have a personal finance blog for teens.

Yes. I am aware that I’m a nerd. Thanks for noticing…  :)

Over at TeensGotCents  you will find information on getting a great part time job, going to college debt free, how to get the best deals when you go shopping and even ideas on starting your own business and saving money. Occasionally I throw in a fun and inexpensive DIY project!


121 Financial and I have been partnering for over a year now and I’m excited to be a part of their website area just for teens. I have been a credit union member ever since I got my first account when I was five years old and there are many benefits to being a credit union member rather than going to a bank. Credit unions are committed to their teen members and 121 is particularly able to help teens who have questions and need help with their finances. Things like buying your first car and making sure you are prepared financially for college can feel overwhelming, but the people of 121 can help. All you have to do is give them a call!


I look forward to connecting here with you and will be writing all about what’s going on in personal finance for teens and how I am learning to handle my money well. I don’t always do a great job (and I do write about that as well) but I am slowly getting better and am so glad you are here to join me!

Let me know what types of personal finance questions you have or what your interests are and I will work on those topics and get back with you. If you want to contact me directly you can email me at

be centsible!