Dollar Store Savings For Teens

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Over the years, I have lost and/or broken so many pairs of sunglasses. I mean I lose or break a pair like once a month. It’s ridiculous. Sunglasses at places like Target can cost up to $20 bucks and, as you can imagine, I got really tired of spending that much money every time I lost a pair.  One day I was in the Dollar Tree and found an entire display of sunglass and they were cute! $1 is SO much better than $20. Now I can lose as many pairs as I want and not feel bad about it!

See, they really are cute!

See, they really are cute!

The dollar store has so many money saving hacks that are great for us teens. Here are just some of the items you can save on:

Office and School Supplies

Dollar Tree has entire rows of school and office supplies. Sticky notes, highlighters, markers, pens, pencils and things like scissors and tape. Sticky notes at regular stores can cost more than $4 a pack! It makes a lot more sense to me to just pay a dollar.

Books, Coloring and Activity Books

Cute and fun books for a buck! You could easily make a really great gift basket for a child’s birthday for way less than $10. And that includes a gift bag and everything. Another idea is to get activity books, puzzles, or other fun things to take when you are babysitting. Kids love to have something new and different to do, and it’s an inexpensive way to do something nice for the kids if you earn money babysitting. It may also keep them entertained and well-behaved and that’s worth more than a dollar!

Gift Wrapping Supplies

Another great way to save is to buy all your gift wrap supplies here. My mom and I will go and stock up on wrapping paper, gift bags, tissue paper and bows. Whenever we have to give someone a gift we just pull out our little kit and are ready to go. One roll of wrapping paper at a regular store can be more than $5 bucks so this definitely pays off.

Personal Items

Who doesn’t want Spiderman or Ironman body wash? And a Hello Kitty toothbrush?? You can get cute hair clips, bobby pins, and ponytails. They also have makeup and lip gloss. It’s nice to get lip gloss for a dollar considering how much it can cost at other stores.

Of course these stores have a lot of other stuff as well (not to mention the super fun toys that I may or may not still buy) but these are the main items I go for. What kind of deals do you find at the Dollar Store? Let me know!

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