Black Friday Shopping for Teens

From TeensGotCents


They say that Black Friday isn’t for the average shopper. It’s supposed to be a day to camp out, run people down with shopping carts, and ultimately, score some incredible deals. And sure, there are some people out there that can turn this day into something amazing, but Black Friday is too much work for most of us. Luckily, I’ve learned that Black Friday can be for everyone if you learn a few simple tips and tricks. So stop ruining your holidays and turn off the 2 AM wake up calls! These Black Friday shopping strategies are for those shoppers just looking to have fun and find a few excellent deals.

5 Black Friday shopping tips everyone should know


1. Know your needs

Black Friday is an all-day affair, even if you don’t intend it to be. Whether you get up at 4 AM for doorbuster deals or just head out in your PJs after breakfast, it’s important to over-plan. Take it from me; I get hangry. And without a snack, there’s no way I’m getting any smart shopping done. I’d probably just spend the day complaining. So for me, my needs are packed snacks and a lunch spot on my agenda. Don’t just think of snacks for your gang. Wear comfortable shoes and layered clothing. Bring along extra battery power for your phone. Don’t forget about any medications, eye care, and personal hygiene items either!

2. Scout locations

Expert Black Friday shoppers have probably already mapped out their stores, but I’m keeping it simple. Even living 45 minutes away from an outlet mall, I know exactly where I am going to head – but I am not going to add any other store to my agenda. Outlet malls can be so big and overwhelming, and I know that I can only handle so much. There are valid points about sticking to one particular location. Malls and outlet shopping centers are Black Friday dreams for shoppers because all the deals are in one place. No need to deal with parking lots, traffic, and winter weather.

3. Stick to what you know

It’s tempting to try that new boutique or give that electronic store you hate a second chance. But Black Friday is not the day for that. If you hate a certain store, there is little chance you’re going to enjoy the experience when the cashier lines are long and there’s not a person to help you. Same goes for stores where you never find what you like. Why try now? Shopping only at your favorite stores guarantees that your shopping will be worth your time. For me, that store is Ann Taylor Loft. I love their clothes, but I can never afford them! Black Friday is the perfect time for me to stock my closet without the stress and headaches.

4. Think outside the box

Wait! Didn’t I just say ‘stick with what you know?’ Yes, but you should also be flexible and keep an open mind while Black Friday shopping. For example, one year I went shopping thinking that I would load up on new winter gear. But instead, I walked out with an entire summer wardrobe from a huge clearance rack of shorts and tanks! Lists are a must if you’re shopping for others or if you’re trying to stick to a budget, but if you’re just browsing as an average Black Friday shopper, keep an open mind. You may never know what you will find!

5. Remember why you’re out there

Here’s your reminder that you’re not one of those crazy Black Friday shoppers! You’re out there to have fun, find some cool deals, and enjoy the day with your friends or family. Making shopping more serious than it is can totally ruin the experience. While you are having fun, spread a little holiday cheer by being friendly and nice to everyone around you. Don’t run anybody over and have a great day! That’s how Black Friday shopping for the average person should be.